• 25, Sep 2011 Mario Brunello & Teho Teardo BACH Street View The Art of Fugue BWV 1080 MARIO BRUNELLO | TEHO TEARDO BACH: STREETVIEW. THE ART OF FUGUE BWV 1080 October 1st Torino, Ex Carcere Le NuoveOctober 14th Roma, PalladiumThe amazing cellist Mario Brunello and Teho Teardo will explore further possibilities in the perception of J.S. Bach's masterpiece, The Art Of Fugue.With a team of incredible musicians ...
  • 12, Sep 2011 Teho Teardo in concert at the ICI, London Teho Teardo and cellist Martina Bertoni will play ay the Italian Cultural Institute in London on thursday september 15th at 7pm. Free entrance, but you have to book your seats.
  • 30, Aug 2011 Santarcangelo 7" vinyl Santarcangelo is the first release on vinyl from Teho Teardo's new label: Specula records
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